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Whatever your reason for travel; business, sporting events, festivals. Yorkshire Helicopters will provide the most viable solution to complement you travel requirements. 75 minutes from London, 30 minutes from Manchester, and 50 minutes from Newcastle. We are perfectly placed to reduce your travel time to a minimum whatever the destination. 

Yorkshire Helicopters Charter Services offer an alternative method of transport, taking you direct to your destination wherever possible. Arrive fresh and prepared for your day ahead, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure. With ever increasing numbers of cars on the road and rail prices always on the rise. Now more than ever Helicopter Charter is becoming a viable method of transport.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of Chartering a Helicopter with Yorkshire Helicopters depends on the size of aircraft. For between 3 and 5 passengers and luggage the price will vary between £700 and £1000 per hour plus VAT. You must remember however that few places are in excess of 2 hours flight time from our base, London is surprisingly just under an hour and a half.

Can you land anywhere?

Not quite but almost. Safety is our priority and we fly in accordance with the regulations set out by EASA and the CAA. We need relatively large, clear, open areas generally free of obstacles and away from heavily congested areas to approach, land, and depart safely. If we can't land exactly where you want we are generally able to find a location that is convenient.

What about the Weather?

At the moment we fly in day conditions only whilst passengers are on board, meaning we need to have dropped our passengers at their destination prior to official night time which is 30 minutes after sunset. We also need good cloud base and good visibility. Conditions we don't fly in are: falling snow, fog and high winds. If the weather conditions are not suitable we can either rearrange your flight or offer a full refund.

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