Yorkshire Helicopters is based at Walton Wood Airfield, close to the small town of Pontefract in Yorkshire. This rural airfield setting is the perfect venue to learn the skills of helicopter flying in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Walton Wood Airfield is almost 100% helicopter. There is no official air traffic control here, making this a relaxed atmosphere to learn all about helicopter flight, as well as being very cost effective.

We have the ability to move freely around the airfield without sitting ‘holding’ waiting for permission or wasting time unnecessarily for air traffic control reasons. This means that the essential skills of helicopter flying can be learned right here. No transit flights away to training areas or sitting waiting for a gap in between airliners at a large airport.

Walton Wood is an almost 100% helicopter environment and the more time you spend here, the more you will realise the benefits of being immersed in this amazing world

About Oli Nicholls

A Yorkshireman and originally from Wakefield, Oli first began his career as a helicopter flying instructor at a busy Leicester based school. He moved to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands to challenge himself in a completely different flying environment with the unusual job of flying with filmmakers and photographers.

On returning to Yorkshire, Oli continues teaching helicopter flying and flies helicopters professionally all over the UK.

As his experience of the helicopter training environment grew, he realised that there was a growing demand for a helicopter flight training environment with none of the prevention, stress and complication that large operations based at international airports can sometimes project.

The Yorkshire Helicopters Ethos

Oli believes that learning to fly helicopters should be fun. It can be a time consuming passion and of course, requires time and financial investment. So he feels that it is very important that customers enjoy the journey and the learning process of becoming a safe and proficient helicopter pilot.

His relaxed teaching style and focus on the enjoyment of the process is rapidly growing him a following of customers who are happy to recommend him to friends and colleagues who are jealous of their new piloting skills.

Choosing the right helicopter training environment, both for your early qualifications and also ongoing skills development, is vitally important. To find out if Oli and Yorkshire Helicopters will be a good fit for your pilot training, feel free to call any time or fill out the enquiry form to send us an email.