Chartering a helicopter for business or pleasure in Yorkshire is a remarkably straight forward process. While helicopter travel will always be a little more expensive that conventional travel, it can be very cost effective when used wisely. With the additional benefits of the ultimate convenience of landing at, or close by, your final destination, flying by helicopter from Yorkshire to your destination is a very convenient and cost effective way to travel.

A Guide to Yorkshire Helicopter Charter

Our base in Yorkshire allows us to reach many areas of the UK in only a few hours, very often flying above that boring motorway drive, that noisy travel journey or even beating scheduled airline flights once you take into account the fact that, by helicopter, you quite simply don’t need airports.

Read our brief Frequently Asked Questions below that will help you gain a fuller understanding of how we can help you to charter your helicopter and use it as a cost effective method of business transport, as an exhilarating way to enjoy holiday travel or to entertain some private freinds or corporate guests on a special day.

Helicopter Charter FAQ

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The Number One question. A helicopter will almost always be more expensive that a car journey. When you begin to factor in the value of your time, the frustrations of public transport and airlines, plus the privacy you will enjoy in your own helicopter, it actually becomes quite attractive.

For a typical flight of between three and five passengers, expect to budget between £700 and £1000 for one hour. This will vary depending upon the type and speed of helicopter.

It is worth considering that flying in a straight line at almost 130 miles per hour, direct to your destination, a helicopter covers the ground very rapidly. We regularly fly direct from northern France to Yorkshire in around two hours. Impossible even by airliner or Eurostar.

Elstree in North London is only one hour away from Yorkshire, while the borders of Scotland can be reached in around 90 minutes. There are very few areas of the UK that are more than two hours away from Yorkshire by helicopter. Once you compare the cost per head of a helicopter charter with the cost of business class rail, or a long, slow and frustrating car journey, the benefits of helicopter travel become quite feasible.

Q. So can you land anywhere?

A. Almost, but not quite! Safety is our priority and we fly in accordance with the regulations set out by EASA and the CAA. We need relatively large, clear, open areas generally free of obstacles and away from heavily congested areas to approach, land and depart safely. If we can’t land exactly at your final destination we are generally able to find a nearly location that is convenient.

Don’t worry about trying to work that out yourself. The best way to check that your destination is suitable will be to contact us with the location and we can quickly come back to you before booking. Many hotels, country houses and other venues are very helicopter friendly and we regularly deal with arranging permission to land at a wide variety of locations. That ultimate door to door convenience is probably the biggest appeal of helicopter travel.

Q. What about the weather?

A. That’s a very good question and we admit that in the UK, the weather can be a challenge. At the moment we fly in day conditions only whilst passengers are on board, meaning we need to have dropped our passengers at their destination prior to official night time which is 30 minutes after sunset. We also need good cloud base and good visibility. Conditions we don’t fly in are: falling snow, fog and very high winds. If the weather conditions are not suitable we can either rearrange your flight or offer a full refund.

However we closely monitor the weather and at any given time we are looking several days ahead. This means that we can generally warn you if a flight may not be practical some time in advance.

Q. What about licensing and regulations?

A. Yorkshire Helicopters founder and chief pilot is Oli Nicholls. A professional helicopter pilot and helicopter flight instructor with more than 2,500 hours of helicopter flight time, he is fully certified for commercial helicopter operations in accordance with all of the Civil Aviation Authority and European EASE regulations. The helicopter you will travel in is equipped to the commercial standards required by regulations and is fully insured for commercial operations.

Q. While we are flying, could I have a go?

A. Sadly not! It’s a question we are often asked, simply because once you have traveled by helicopter you inevitably become hooked on the idea and convenience of becoming a helicopter pilot yourself. It really is that addictive. Quite a few of our Yorkshire helicopter charter customers have actually become helicopter pilots themselves, or invested in a helicopter for their own use, working alongside us to operate it for them.

If this is the first time you have considered chartering a helicopter, you will without a doubt have moire questions. Feel free to call us, or send us a message using the contact form below and we will get back to you with all the answers.