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Progress to other types of aircraft with a Helicopter Type Rating.

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Robinson R44

So you have learnt to fly, but human nature means you would like a new challenge. Type Rating Training is a way of progressing onto different, usually larger, types of aircraft. The R44 is the next step up if you learnt to fly on a smaller type; larger, faster, more powerful, better range, and capable of carrying more passengers. The R44 opens doors for longer trips and more challenging landing areas.

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Bell 206 Jet Ranger

You may have already learnt to fly the R44 during the PPL, in which case the Bell 206 Jet Ranger is the next step. This 5 seat classic can carry more weight and has a large luggage compartment. Perfect for weekends away or golfing trips. Although it flies similarly to the R44, the turbine engine will give you something extra to think about.

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